The LoveGeist Report 2010-2011 begins with a simple breakdown of the present day online dating community. What do modern daters appear to be? Exactly what are their unique needs and wants? Just what characteristics do they look for in a partner?

Let us discover.

The Female from the Varieties

Precisely what does an average feminine dater appear like in 2010? Overview of 75,000 female members disclosed that she:

To ascertain what this average feminine user wishes from her male fits, match together with upcoming Foundation examined ladies’ multiple choice answers. It seems that the best guy considers their figure becoming “average” (90percent), and has small (97%), brownish (89per cent) locks, blue-eyes (84per cent), and an easygoing personality (86percent).

Women and men, you know what arrives then: oahu is the men’s room move to do the limelight!

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